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Today: 20 ноября 2019.:

Literature and Culture News

Book Buzz: Happy 70th Birthday, 'The Little Prince'

In today's book news, a winner has been named in the Great Tumblr Book Search, Steven Soderbergh will direct an adaptation of 'The Sot-Weed Factor' and Scottish author Iain Banks is battling advanced cancer.

Hip Hop, Poetry and Literature Merge at Tiogue School

Students at Tiogue Elementary School exercised their minds, bodies and imaginations recently during a five-day Cultural Arts Workshop featuring "Shakespeare to Hip hop". The inspirational and intriguing presentation was organized and performed by Regie Gibson, Marlon Carey and Yunus Quddus, and consisted of storytelling, in-class writing and ... (more)

[Guest Post] Martin Berman-Gorvine on Anti-Sophisticated, Postmodern Science Fiction

Martin Berman-Gorvine is the author of three science fiction novels: Seven Against Mars , 36 , and, as Martin Gidron, of The Severed Wing , which received the 2002 Sidewise Award for Alternate History at the International Science Fiction Convention in Toronto in 2003.

Springing into new literature

With the promise of warmer weather and the freshness of spring, now is a great time to start reading something new.

ACCA Pakistan's Research & Insights Making Capital Markets Work in Pakistan

ACCA Pakistan organised a discussion forum on March 29, 2013 on "Making capital markets work in Pakistan" in Karachi.

Editor unveils secrets of Russian publishing world

The prominent publisher of Viktor Pelevin's and Dmitry Bykov's books reveals the unrelenting nature of submissions in a country with few literary agents.

Wife's journey inspires book

Loving literature: Australian author Boyd Anderson during a live read of his new book Amber Road at Liverpool library.Picture: Luke Fuda WHEN renowned author Boyd Anderson made his way to Liverpool he regaled his audience with stories of his past, his rich historical background and the journey he took to produce his first novel, giving premise to ... (more)

Big Words

Big Words Are you a sesquipedalian? That is, do you like to use big words? Or are you hippopotomorstrosesquipedaliophobic? That means 'afraid of big words'. Who wouldn't be afraid of such a word? Two hundred years ago there were rural areas of France where a person could get by with a vocabulary of little more than two hundred words.

Out West: Austin artist and musician Jess Williamson's photos from the open road

Editor's note: This selection of images comes from different tours and road trips Jess Williamson has taken over the last two years, all of which have been through Western America.

Nobel Winner Jody Williams At PeaceJam

Jody Williams , who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for her efforts against antipersonnel landmines through the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, will give a free talk on Thursday, April 4, at 3 p.m. at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, 405 Babbidge Rd., Storrs , on the University of Connecticut campus.

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